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Enabling student success through an innovative Student Resource Hub


There are many pedagogical processes that can act to prevent academic success, such as a lack of preparation for higher education. Additionally, our students are from diverse backgrounds and therefore have needs as diverse as their backgrounds.

Academic support can be defined as the educational support and skills required for students to pass. In aid of this, the University of Cape Town offers a range of support programmes for students, from the extended curriculum programme to the services offered by the office for student support and development.

The Student Hub at the Health Sciences Faculty aims to create an environment where students feel more than nominally supported, can obtain the help they need, and be taught skills that will aid in equipping them professionally. What differentiates the Hub from other support structures is that it re-envisions student support by empowering students to support students.

We surveyed Health Sciences Faculty students to discover their needs. Some of the survey results are shown here:


Student Hub

  • A non-traditional support space that does not look like a tut room, equipped with couches, a TV, video camera, laptop and printer.
  • Senior undergraduates as advisors support junior students in an educationally safe and stimulating environment
  • Advisors are appointed from all programmes: medics, OTs, Speech Therapy students, and Physio students within the faculty
  • Advisors are available from 13h00 – 17h00 during the week


  • Understanding University regulations, services, and opportunities
  • Planning your semester
  • Becoming involved in campus events and activities
  • Sharing experiences
  • Assisting students plan activities
  • Referring students to other support facilities as needed


  • Anatomy Building, Foyer & Tut Room 2, Mon-Fri 12h00 – 17h00
  • Old Main Building E52.21 (Venue 11), Mon-Fri 13h00 – 15h00

Contact details:


Medics, Physios, OTs, Speech Therapy students, & Audios