SHAWCO skills workshop

8 Jun 2018 - 11:30

On the 2nd of May 2018, SHAWCO Health hosted a skills workshop in preparation for our 750 Km for SHAWCO Road trip, a trip that occurred from the 4th-7th of May in celebration of SHAWCOs 75th Anniversary. 750 Km for SHAWCO was planned with the rationale to extend SHAWCO’s frame of influence and take primary health care to various rural communities around the Western Cape. As part of this trip we offered numerous services including pap smears, health promotion, injections, breast exams and paediatric care and thus in order for this to be possible, we had to ensure all the students participating in this trip were equipped to offer these services. The UCT Clinical Skills department were generous enough to let us the Clinical Skills centre and equipment for a training event in anticipation of the road trip; a very successful and enjoyable evening for all.


40 students from years 1-6 got together on the 2nd of May and were taught by peers and clinicians the various skills that are mentioned above and it was a great experience for all students to learn new skills or else sharpen clinical skills.


As a result of this very successful workshop, on our trip we were able to offer care to over 500 people, performed 50 pap smears as well as offered syndromic management for STIs, and offered very beneficial health promotion to all people we encountered on the trip. The success of any event rests on sound and appropriate planning of the event and as SHAWCO Health we could like to thank the UCT Clinical Skills Department for the integral role that they played with regards to our 750 km for SHAWCO roadtrip.