Webinar series: Technology enhanced teaching and learning for health professionals

9 Feb 2018 - 10:30
Medical e-learning workshop, Tanzania

Technology-enhanced teaching and learning is becoming an important part of medical education

Our new webinar series, co-hosted with The International Centre for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, explores how health professionals around the world are increasingly using digital technologies to prepare for practice, keep their knowledge and skills updated and train others.

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1. Technology-enhanced teaching and learning: the fundamentals

Date: Thursday 1st March. Time: 3 pm UCT (UK) and 5 pm South Africa

Dr. Daksha Patel and Ms. Sally Parsley from the ICEH Open Education programme highlight the evidence on enhancing health professionals’ digital skills for technology-enhanced teaching and learning and Drs Juan Lopez Ulloa and Mathew Njume Mbwogge Ngime share their experiences of using technology for personal development and training in eye care.

2. Digital for healthcare education

Date: Thursday 15th March. Time: 3 pm UCT (UK) and 5 pm South Africa

Talk 1: Dr Eduardo Mayorga from the International Council of Ophthalmologists presents on the increasing importance of good digital capabilities for medical CPD and lifelong learning and introduces the ICO Ophthalmic Educators group which is committed to improving ophthalmic education by “teaching the teachers” – offering conferences, courses, curricula, and online resources to anyone involved in ophthalmic education.

Talk 2: A/Prof Judith McKenzie is head of the division of disability studies at the University of Cape Town and. Having worked in the field of inclusive education for over 20 years she saw an opportunity to reach teachers and parents of children with disabilities in low and middle-income countries through the development of a MOOC. In her presentation, she will be sharing some of her personal experiences in running a MOOC and how it has impacted her teaching.

3. Digital for health professionals’ learning

Date: Thursday 29th March. Time: 3 pm UCT (UK) and 5 pm South Africa
Ms. Veronica Mitchell, facilitator & researcher at the University of Cape Town & University of the Western Cape and experienced human rights educator discusses the digital skills and tools health professionals can use to support technology enhanced learning.