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  • Alperstein, Melanie
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Alperstein, M. (2001). An evaluation of a pilot community-based, interdisciplinary, primary health care teaching programme for health sciences students, University of Cape Town. MA (Education). [More]

  • Badenhorst, Elmi
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Badenhorst, E. (2008). An exploration of mediation in an intervention programme for educationally disadvantaged medical students, University of Cape Town. MEd. [More]

  • Cilliers, Francois
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Cilliers, F. J. (2001). An evaluation of the internal validity of specific learning outcomes in phase II of a revised undergraduate medical curriculum, Stellenbosch University. MPhil(Higher Education).[More]

  • Doyle, Gregory
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Doyle, G. E. (2011). The impact of podcasting on health sciences’ pre-clinical student performance at the University of Cape Town, University of Cape Town. MSc. [More]

  • Edelstein, Gail
    Weiss, R., Aubin, L., Edelstein, G., Moller, N., Kruger, N., & Cilliers, F. J. (2014). QA-MAP: A visual tool to illustrate and monitor the quality of MCQ assessment. Paper presented at the 6th annual Health Education Research Day, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa. [More]

  • Hartman, Nadia
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Hartman, N. (2009). The primary health care approach and restructuring of the MB ChB curriculum: A case study at the University of Cape Town Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town. PhD. [More]

  • Ige, Busayo
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Ige, B. O. (2008). Impoliteness in Context: Impoliteness, Gender and Construction of Identities at a South African University. University of KwaZulu-Natal. PhD. [More]

  • Mandyoli, Sinethemba
    Mandyoli, S. (2016). Applying Computer Forensics Expertise in an Online Examination Setting. Paper presented at the E-Learning Africa Conference, Cairo, Egypt. [More]

  • Muna, Natashia
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Muna, N. (2014). Sociogenetic investigation of the southern harvester termite, Microhodotermes viator, via genetic and behavioural bioassays. University of Cape Town. PhD. [More]

  • Pienaar, Lunelle
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Pienaar, L. (2008). COPD patients in the northern suburbs of the Western Cape Metropole hospitalised due to acute exacerbation: baseline study. Stellenbosch University. MSc Physiotherapy. [More]

  • Weiss, Rachel
    Postgraduate qualifications
    Weiss, R. (2008). Multimodal textbook design: analyzing the construction of the discourses of pharmacology. (MPhil (Education)), University of Cape Town. [More]