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Student Resources Centre

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The Department of Health Science Education is developing a student advice and resource centre in the Faculty of Health Sciences students. It will be a hot spot “learning centre” that is a non-traditional 21st century learning space to provide ‘on the spot’ learning support and advice about various pertinent topics/issues faced by first and second year students in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The aim is to advise students on the learning support of an academic and non-academic nature in the Faculty using peer facilitators and postgraduate students. 

What we offer

Student advisors will be part of a team to:

• Aid students as a ‘walk-in’ help space – for quick and urgent support, such as assistance with oral exam preparation - somewhere to practice, role-play and get immediate feedback. 

• Provide learning support such as help with examination preparation, study skills etc. 

• Provide media support and other technological assistance. 

• Offer space to practice for presentation – allowing a student to review, try-out or record a presentation on camera to playback and co-construct feedback on this.

• Look at ways to share/advertise/inform on academic support and design a follow up action plan which may include for example news bulletin or ‘what’s happening in your year’.

• Identify creative means to direct students to academic resources/ academic current and future support offerings while being cognizant of issues such as stigmatisation when students are identified to be struggling.

For queries, comments or to book a timeslot e-mail FHSStudentResourceCentre@gmail.com or join our mailing list.